About This Initiative

Dear Lane County, Thank you for all the Support!

Unfortunately we have suddenly been faced with a swift attack on our community; birth services with midwives through the hospital are ending in less than 30 days with no warning. McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center has decided to close McKenzie Midwives. Other birthing services are scrambling to make way for around 80 active clients that have suddenly had their entire birth plan canceled in pursuit of profit margins.

Please consider reaching out to support local mothers, both current and future.

McKenzie Midwives are
*The only practice to offer hospital water birth
*An all woman practice offering hospital births
*The only midwife-led care at Mckenzie Willamette Medical Center
*Able to offer in and out patient lactation services
*A safe place to access medication termination and in hospital use of mifepristone
*An easy access point to immediate postpartum contraception
*The first to sign on with Oregon Community Birth Transfer Partnership
*The best service to be found that has room for new patients in the area, with open hearts and attentive care unmatched by other hospital services available

In Short, they are a shining light for birthing families and an asset to both the hospital and community that should be valued and protected. 

Please Help! 

Contact representatives, Spread the word in the community, and Don’t let the greed of a corporate owned hospital happen in our home. 

Brand new CEO David Butler : dbutler@qhcus.com [541] 762 4402

Jana Waterman VPbuisness development/marketing : jwaterman@qhcus.com [541] 744 6167 and [541] 912 6659

With Love, 

mothers-to-be, midwives, and community members in need