Community Resources for McKenzie Midwives Patients

Free Childbirth Education
The Comprehensive Guide to Sovereign Birth is an at-your-own-pace virtual course, teaching childbirth as a rite of passage. The course is evidence based, friendly to all people, and applicable to any birth setting.
Use code POWER for free access

Nurturely prioritizes prevention, tackling the root causes of perinatal disparities. They offer a variety of educational workshops, community connection opportunities, and other services to support parents in the community. View their event calendar and open hours here:

Daisy Chain
Providing trauma informed, evidence based services and educational resources throughout all of Lane County.

Free birth doula services here:

Free postpartum doula services here:

Free lactation support services here:

Nursing Nook offers free lactation and feeding support, as well as community connections with other parents.
Every Friday 10:00am – 12:00pm
Unitarian Universalist Church
1685 W 13th Avenue Eugene

Parenting Now
Parenting Now provides parenting education and support to families with young children.

Currently offering:

LGBTQ support groups
Parent Separation support groups
Children community events

Parent Resource Guide in English

Parent Resource Guide in Spanish

WellMama is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive pregnancy and postpartum support for new, expectant, and grieving parents.

Currently offering:
New parent support groups
Toddler support groups
Life after loss support groups

Text (541) 525-0495 to be connected with someone who can offer mental health support in pregnancy or postpartum.

Community Midwives

Selah Midwifery LLC
Accepting OHP

Lydia Douglas CPM, LDM
Home birth services in Eugene, Springfield, Coburg, Cottage Grove, Dexter, Lowel and surrounding areas.

Marjie Houck CPM, LDM
Accepting OHP
+1 (541) 517-0839
Offering home birth services in and around Eugene.

Midvalley Midwives
Accepting OHP

Elizabeth Bear LDM, CPM
Julia Bailey LDM, CPM, ICBLC
541 928 1002
Midvalley birthing
Offering home birth services in Salem, Eugene, Springfield and surrounding areas.

Christy Pellicer CPM, LM, LDM
Discounted rates for OHP families

Offering home birth services in and around Eugene.

Colleen Forbes LDM, CPM
Discounted rates for OHP families
Offering home birth services in and around Eugene.

Indigo Moon Midwifery
Accepting OHP
Renée Bisnaire CPM, LDM

Our Community Birth Center
Accepting OHP

AlexAnne Westlake CNM

Pacific Source Benefits

Apply for Free Prenatal Vitamins:

Find a Free Doula:

Doulas Covered by Pacific Source

Elizabeth Reed
Areas of focus: Birth, postpartum, loss and ceremony
(541) 636-8188

Tiffany L Grantom
(541) 246-4062

Rosemary S Campbell
(458) 410-6210

Courtney C Lam
(541) 505-1139

Melvyn I Manapsal
Areas of Focus: Lactation Support, Doula
(541) 505-1139

Ariana L May
Areas of Focus: Family Support, Mental Health, Perinatal Mental Health
(541) 505-1139

Delia Flores
Areas of Focus: LGBTQ, Bipolar Disorder, Children, Immigrants/Refugees
(310) 429-1826

Rachel D Basolo
(541) 540-4631

Brandi L Vance
Telemedicine Only
(503) 887-2815