Talking Points

When a birthing person has a good experience in a hospital, they will talk about it within the community. The positive experience impacts the bottom line, and benefits the hospital financially.  [Financial gain is important to talk about!]

Access to hospital midwifery care is essential to the health of our birthing communities. Reducing options for pregnant people in our community, due to short-term profit, is devastating. 

McKenzie Midwives are a team of kind, compassionate midwives who offer midwifery care in a hospital setting, the best of both worlds. They provide women and birthing people options supportive to achieving a low intervention births, such as access to water birth and more. 

This will negatively impact the patient transfer process from home or birth center community midwives to hospital care. Women and pregnant people who plan a home birth with a CPM will no longer be able to access CNM co-care through the McKenzie Midwives, which is devastating for those who need medication, or other forms of medical care outside of the CPM scope. Those families will have to find an OB for co-care, one who is supportive to home birth, who will not shame, judge or dismiss the home birth community. The OBs in our community are already filled to the brim. 

There are two birth centers in town with CNMs, but those birth centers can only take so many patients, they only support low risk people, and they do not offer the same kind of medical care one can receive from a hospital setting.

To support the health of our birthing community, prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum care options must be abundant. 

McKenzie Midwives are

*The only practice to offer hospital water birth
*An all woman practice offering hospital births
*The only midwife-led hospital based care in the area
*a safe place to access medication termination and in hospital use of mifepristone
*An easy access point to immediate postpartum contraception
*The first to sign on with Oregon Community Birth Transfer Partnership
*able to offer in and out patient lactation services

*The best service to be found that have room for new patients in the area, with open hearts and attentive care unmatched by other hospital services available